CAP.Trade&Distribution The complete TransportManagementSystem, fully embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. For organizations running Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as their main business platform with high logistics and supply chain process requirements.

Die Vorteile (Geschäftsvorteile) von CAP.Trade&Distribution

Some feature high lights of the CAPcargo TransportManagementSystem

Shipment Builder

As soon as a sales-, purchase- or transfer order is registered, the logistic team can start with their planning job.

The CAPcargo shipment builder is creating out of D365 orders so called transport orders. Instructions to the shipping team.

Bundling criteria’s and update routines are keeping orders to the same destination together and help to reduce inefficient warehouse work and shipping costs.

The shipment builder further converts item specifications into shipping quantities, since the logistic teams needs to know very early, how much space needs to be booked.

Order Management

Transport orders are the internal instructions to the logistic team and have a link back to the sales orders line(s). Enriched with data from shipping agreements with the customer, a clear starting point.

TransportOrders can also be created independently, with no link to a D365 order entity.

Routing and transport Legs

Most of your shipments are delivered directly? Probably you are faced with different service levels, depending on the geographical destination, different shipping days and assigned vendors to a certain region.

Or do you work with multi-leg-scenario’s and multi-modal shipping?

Logistic is a mass business and the TransportManagementSystem has to comply with complex routing rules.

No time for manual splitting logic. The CAPcargo routing engine takes over this job and creates transport legs taking condition-based configurations into account. Forward or backward scheduling logic makes sure that single or multi-order-consignments are arriving at the same time, departing as late as possible or arriving as early as possible.

Tour planning

The CAPcargo tour can reflect multiple scenarios. The work of a truck during a day? Yes. A cross-continent-journey? Yes. The journey of an oversea-container? Yes. Everything handled by a partner during a day? Yes.

Transport legs are dispatched into a tour and we define start and end point. We assign one or several resources (driver, truck, trailer, …) or subcontract to a vendor. The scheduling engine calculates ETA of every stop, taking activities into account.

From 0 trucks to thousands of resources. The CAPcargo tour bundles it together.

Warehouse integration

In the ideal case goods are picked and prepared at the warehouse based on the foreseen loading date. Goods loaded together into the same unit, should also be ready at the same time. Out of this reason, often the shipping team has a big impact on the warehouse processes.

Based on the CAPcargo tour, warehouse work for all orders in the same tour can be created. The shipping dispatcher has always an updated view on the picking process and can dynamically adjust the planning if changes are occurring.

The warehouse process can end with the loading of the shipment into the vehicle or container and the packing slip can be posted directly from the tour. The CAPcargo shipment builder and warehouse integration are making it possible.


Die Auslastung der Flotte zu erhöhen und mehr in die bestehende Flotte zu verladen, ist wahrscheinlich der einfachste Weg, die Margen zu verbessern. Aber wie erreicht man das? Die Herausforderung besteht darin, diese Potenziale in der täglichen Planung zu finden, insbesondere unter Zeitdruck und wenn mehrere Disponenten gleichzeitig Planungsaufgaben ausführen. Das CAPcargo GraphicalPlanningBoard ist der Schlüssel dazu. Eine benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche macht es möglich, dass die Disponenten ihre Planungsaufgaben wirklich direkt im System erledigen können. Dies ist zwingend notwendig, um aktuelle Planungsinformationen im System zu haben. Die interaktive Multi-Fenster- und Multi-Monitor-Konfiguration bietet die Möglichkeit, einen vollständigen Überblick über den Fuhrpark zu erhalten, entweder in Gantt- oder Kartenansicht. Das System zeigt intuitiv die idealen Fahrzeuge für eine Tour an, oder ob es Probleme mit einer laufenden Fahrt gibt. Ein erfahrener skandinavischer Disponent sagte einmal: „Endlich, nach all den Jahren, ein System, das für uns arbeitet und nicht wir müssen für das System arbeiten!“

Integration Speditionen

In case not operating an own fleet, a close integration with shipping companies is needed. Sending instructions and keeping the costs under control.

Not important, whether partner is paid for specific services per shipment, trucking, flat prices. Vendor can be paid either through self-billing or payment of the incoming invoice. Accruals posting ensure that finance is always aware of outstanding invoices. No more chasing of missing invoices.

Since we can split shipping costs back to the sales or purchase order, we know the exact costs per order or item (sales order line).